safeTalk in schools is a half day programme with a focus on senior students (16+) and the whole school community as 'alert' helpers.  Using the whole-school approach, young people, along with their teachers, counsellors, admin staff, principal, bus drivers, and parents will share in an opportunity to learn together the TALK steps and to become 'alert' to the possibility of suicide.

With safeTALK tools your school community will become suicide safer. We recommend that key staff also become ASIST trained helpers so they can help to keep a young person 'safe-for-now'. Often the reality of access to longer term support is not as easy as we would hope and we need to keep people 'safe-for-now' until they are able to be seen.

safeTALK in schools ensures that young people are aware of the scope of being suicide-alert and not to hold the responsibility of doing an intervention - this is something an adult trained to do an intervention can do once the safeTALK alert helper has approached them with the person at risk.

Canada, Australia, Scotland and America all run safeTALK trainings in schools. Melbourne University and Lifeline Research Australia have kindly shared their research poster. To view or download - Poster of research safeTalk 2015.pdf

Sessions can be run concurrently to cover more people, or your school can choose to train only 30-40 people in these tools.

Once you have commissioned a workshop, we will send your school a template of a letter to be sent to family, whānau, aiga, fanau and caregivers to talk about safeTALK and what their loved on will learn.