Bereaved by Suicide Support Group - a programme from Skylight

This practical, supportive educational group for 6-8 people is facilitated by professional counsellors and educators and runs over 8 weeks.  Attendees are able to share thoughts and feelings about what's happened, discuss the nature of suicide and gain information and ideas about how to care for themselves and others, including children, after a suicide. The group is open to people 17 yrs + bereaved by suicide.

Lifeline is running workshops in Auckland and Waikato in conjunction with Waikato District Health Board. If we are not running a workshop in your area, we will put you in touch with Skylight who can help connect you in.

Please contact us for more details or fill out the info form below.
Please note:
Registration and attendance at a pre-group interview is essential before attending this group. 

OUTLINE of 8 week Programme

This grief education programme is recommended for adults 17+ who have been affected by the suicide of someone they know. 

The group process supports members to:

  • Meet and share with others who are also experiencing the impact of suicide

  • Process and manage thoughts and feeling around what has happened

  • Find meaning in their experiences

  • Discuss the nature of suicide

  • Gain information and strategies about how to care for themselves and others after a suicide, including children and young people.

  • Adjust to living with loss and move forwards

The group is facilitated by two trained facilitators and it runs over 8 weeks.


About Skylight

Skylight is a national not for profit trust that enables children, young people, their family/whanau and friends to navigate through times of trauma, loss and grief. 

They facilitate access to expert information, education, professional services and support. They also educate, train and support professionals, agencies and individuals who assist those dealing with trauma, loss, and grief. Download their brochure or contact info@skylight.org.nz | 0800 299 100.

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Other resources while you are waiting for your WAVES group to start...

Sometimes it can really help to organise some other support while waiting for the WAVES support group to start.  Things like an open group for bereaved people can be helpful. Face to face counselling is another option, and for some people reading literature about grief and the grieving experience can be helpful.

There are a huge range of places for support, below are just a few for the Auckland area.  

Remember, you can always call the Suicide Crisis Helpline - 0508 TAUTOKO (82 88 65)

This service is free from a mobile or landline, Open 24/7 and is not just for people in crisis and thinking about suicide, but also for people bereaved by suicide who need to talk about their experience.

Support Groups

Empathy Support Group

A peer support group for people bereaved by suicide in the Rodney or North Shore areas.  Phone: Brigette Windsor on 09 422 0452.

Solace Support Auckland

A peer support group for people bereaved by suicide.  Meets regularly and holds an annual candle lighting ceremony in November.  Phone: Mark Wilson on 09 360 6410 or Robyn Duffy on 09 425 6750.  E-mail solacesupport@paradise.net.nz


Grief Services 

The Grief Centre

Provides support, advice and counselling to help those affected by grief and loss.  The centre runs a range of support groups for people experiencing grief. 

Phone 09 418 1457 or e-mail office@griefcentre.org.nz.

Seasons Programme

This programme is for children who are missing an important person from their daily life. The loss may be due to the death of someone close to them, the separation or divorce of parents, having a family member in prison, or other major family change. The  cycle of the seasons provides a familiar framework within which the children can explore their experiences of grief .



Contact Skylight 0800299100 or email www.skylight.org.nz

Contact them with any support information requests e.g. books, information packs which are tailored to suit your needs and Free. You can loan books and other resources OR subscribe to the Skylight newsletter


Mental Health Foundation

This is the link to MHF online resource database (arranged alphabetically by topic): http://www.mentalhealth.org.nz/get-help/resources/

  • To order any of MHF current resources, here is the link to online store: http://mentalhealth.shopau9.info/

  • To view the Mental HealthBereavement Handbook for people wanting to set up their own support group.